Q:What is the color temperature of NITECORE’s cold white light flashlight’s LED?
A:The color temperature is about 6000K to 6500K.

Q:Why flashlight’s len gets foggy?
A:The reasons contribute to foggy Len are as follows:
1.The heat-conducting glue used contains too much water, the water is vaporized onto the Len after heating.
2.The assembly environment is too humid.3.The flashlight body is too hot after turn-on, some vapor get congealed when it touches glass.

Q:Why the four charging slots’voltage readings are a little bit different
A:The four charging slots are controlled by independent microcomputers. The voltage reading of 4.1v to 4.2v after charging completed is normal.

Q:I am planning to buy NITECORE’s flashlight, where can I buy it?
A:Currently we don’t provide on-line purchase service, if you are interested in our products ,please contact your local distributors. If you are not familiar with any distributor, we can recommend for you.